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Администрация Московского района г.Минска

220036, г.Минск, пр. Дзержинского 10.

Тел. (+375 17) 260-63-96,

факс +375 17 368-14-07

The creation of barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities and with impaired mobility is a complex task for Moskovski district as well as for the whole City of Minsk.

For the implementation of the project “Barrier-free (accessible) Environment” close correlation between the Administration of Moskovski District and the citizens is necessary as well as an individual and customized approach to the solution to this problem.

Public Institution “Moskovski Sports and Wellness Center” believes that it is necessary to create such environment so that person with disabilities could be on equal terms with other people in everyday life.

For the establishment of the accessible environment in Moskovski District of the City of Minsk the construction of the Center on the basis of the Sports and Wellness Center within the framework of the project “Barrier-free (accessible) Environment” is proposed. This Center will be unique in Belarus. It will insure all the needs of persons with disabilities and with impaired mobility. Moreover, this project will emphasize individual needs and common goals, including satisfactory result and assessment from the people.

The problem is the social model of disability, wherein the reason for limiting opportunities of persons with disabilities is not an illness, but people’s attitude and public opinion obstacles.

Currently the international community has developed new guidelines for policy-making on persons with disabilities in which the state acts as a guarantor of the people’s health maintenance and addresses the effects of disability issues, enables persons with disabilities to have the same standard of living as their fellow citizens and create the conditions for an independent life for disabled (self-sufficiency in everyday life, barrier-free environment).

Project: “Barrier-free (accessible) Environment”

Beneficiary: Public Institution “Moskovski Sports and Wellness Center”

Contact phone/fax number: 8 (17) 3971827


Head of the Institution: Director, Oleg Gennadievich Aniskevich

Project manager: Deputy Director, Leonid Ivanovich Slivinsky

Contact phone number: 8 (17) 3973157

Project start date: __________2022

Indicative budget of the project (total amount): Construction of the Center: 2250-3750 thousand US dollars; The cost of equipment and interior design items: 500 thousand US dollars.

For the implementation of this project the construction of the Center for persons with disabilities on the basis of the Sports and Recreation Center is provided. The Center will be aimed at providing hobby classes, physical education and sports activities for the purpose of social adaptation and recovery of persons with disabilities’ status as equal members of the society.

Goals and objectives of the hobby classes and sports activity of the Center for persons with disabilities:

  • physical, sport and spiritual development of people with disabilities, their involvement in the systematic activities in checkers and chess clubs, physical training, playing pool, volleyball, basketball and other sports.
  • mastering the technique and tactic of games necessary for the success in playing sports, leisure and recreation, improving physical training.
  • development of special physical abilities: coordination, speed and reaction.
  • building of willpower, strong character, commitment, self-confidence, psychological stability and endurance.
  • building of respectful attitude for team members.

Problem Statement: To Connect and effectively use two global directions such as healthy lifestyle involvement and social adaptation of people with disabilities.

Activity Object within the context of the project is providing sports and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. The Center is designed for persons with disabilities over the age of 16 which retain the ability or capacity to care for themselves, to walk on their own, to maintain basic everyday needs, but in need of social adaptation within the range of provided by the Sports and Wellness Center general physical training, team sports and hobby classes.

For the construction of this kind of Center the following functional zones should be considered: main entrance, car entrance, platform for passenger loading and unloading and parking.

The platform for passenger loading and unloading should be located at the building entrance and have the dimensions that allow the entrance, unloading and turnaround of the transport. It is preferable to ensure the distance from the public transport stop to be no more than 100 meters to the building entrance.

It is recommended to provide walkways with two-sided handrails, rest areas and benches, lawns and flower gardens. The land of the Center should have the fencing along the perimeter and sufficient lighting. There should be at least two entrances and exits, paved passages allowing the access for the fire trucks to the building and bypass around the building. The main lobby with rest area and waiting area for visitors and accompanying persons should have three main zones: coat room area, changing room with a curtain and storage area for wheelchairs, walkers and other walking tools. Equal accessibility for the customers from the main lobby to the classes and common areas should be provided. Rest and waiting area is equipped with comfortable upholstered furniture, boards with information about the Center and services provided. Everything should be within the zone of direct accessibility for the customers. It is expected that the Center will be two-story building, therefore it should be equipped with elevators. Building entrances, ramps and stairs, communications and evacuation routes, and elevators, equipment and tools (handrails, etc.) should be adapted for the use of people with physical disabilities.

Play facility should provide accommodation for two people playing board games, as well as for group plays.

Sports facility is designed for such sport games as volleyball, basketball, handball. There should be bypass of specified width around the sports ground.

Gymnastics room is equipped with parallel bars for the walk training, mirrors, climbing frames, reversible table, adhesion wheel, gymnastic mats, rings, ceiling hooks, etc.

The Center will provide social rehabilitation of people in need of optimal recovery of their independent living, health maintenance and psychological adaptation in the family and society. The customers of the Center are the people with locomotor, speech disabilities, with lack or loss of domestic and professional skills, communication skills and overall decrease of behavioral adequacy due to illnesses or injuries.

This Center will also provide individual social rehabilitation for disabled persons on an outpatient basis as close as possible to the place of their residence.

In this case the tasks such as social status recovery of the people with disabilities and their social adaptation will be carried out additionally by performing social rehabilitation events. It will be possible to perform professional rehabilitation of the people with disabilities, which includes career guidance and assistance in career choice; social rehabilitation which includes: adjustment to social environment and social-domestic adaptation, the use of orthoses which hold body parts in the right position and help to optimize the functionality of wrists, feet, etc. for different types of activity (eating, phone usage, reading, writing, etc.) and communication skills development.


Name of premise Floor space of the premise, м2
1 2
1.1. Main Lobby:  
- lobby 120
- receptionist's work space 20
- coat room 40
- changing room 5
- storage area for wheelchair, walkers and other walking tools 20
- rest area and information board area 30
1.2. Restrooms for visitors 75
Subtotal: 310
2. Common Rooms for all departments  
2.1. Maintenance staff room 20
2.2. Resource room 35
2.3. Personnel lounge 32
2.4. Locker rooms, showers and restrooms for visitors 30
Subtotal: 117
3. Department of the center’s employees  
3.1. Office of the deputy director on primary activity 12
3.2. Guidance counselors' office 15
3.3. Instructors’ office 24
Subtotal: 51
Information service  
3.4. Assembly hall with seating for 50 people 200
3.5. Music lounge 40
3.6. Play area 80
Subtotal: 320
4. Common premises  
4.1. Manager’s office 12
4.2. Storage facilities 30
4.3. Storeroom for cleaning equipment 15
Subtotal: 57
Training facilities  
4.4. Gymnastics room 120
4.5. Gym 200
4.6. Mechanotherapy room 200
4.7. Storage facilities 40
4.8. Locker rooms, showers and restrooms 100
Subtotal: 660
Hobby classes  
4.9. Checkers and chess  
4.10. Tennis  
4.11. Darts, racquetball  
4.12. Floorball  
4.13. General physical training premises  
4.14. Storage facilities  
Subtotal: 400
5. Administrative and office space  
5.1. Director’s premises  
- Director’s office 35
- Reception area with receptionist’s work space 20
5.2. Human resources office 10
5.3. Payroll office, Cash office 40
5.4. Deputy director for administrative work 20
5.5. Copy room 5
5.6. Furniture and equipment repairs workshop 30
5.7. Warehouses 200
5.8. Security room 15
Subtotal: 375
6. Swimming pool  
6.1. Swimming pool facilities (water surface 25х25 м) 122535х35
6.2. Locker rooms, showers and restrooms 5050х2
6.3. Storage facilities 50
6.4. Infrared sauna facilities 5025х2
Total: 1375
Premises: 3665
Indicative floor space of the Center: 5000

Social importance of the problem: improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

In the process of the proposed project implementation the following tasks are carried out:

  • Construction of the multifunctional facility;
  • Designing of individual programs;
  • Dissemination of the experience to other sports organizations;
  • Expansion of the range of the services provided;
  • Integrating of people with disabilities in the recuperation process.

The objectives in the project implementation:

  • maintaining people with disabilities’ vital needs realization through improving their health, increasing physical activity and normalizing their mental status;
  • forming positive and active attitude, willingness to participate in all the aspects of life.

The establishment of such center on the basis of Sports and Wellness Center will provide appropriate conditions and equal opportunities for people with disabilities to obtain physical development throughout recuperation, building team spirit, self-realization and socialization through general physical training and playing sports, attending hobby classes.


The project will be carried out within the territory of Moskovski district of the City of Minsk on the basis of Sports and Wellness Center.

The residents of the district who have disabilities will be able to actively participate in all the district, city and republic mass sports events.

The Sports and Wellness Center can become the planner of a new sport event as a part of the project: “The World of Equal Opportunities. Barrier-free Environment” for people with disabilities.

Center Estimated numberof people served
1. Capacity 150 persons per hour